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You Have Stolen My Words. Stolen My Heart. And Destroyed Them Both

i'd write you a poem
but the words would just come out wrong
i'd love to write you a poem or maybe a song
but how could i?
you have stolen my words from me.
you have stolen everything.
i feel so broken so incredably broken
that even my words fail me.
and they are all i had.. well they and you
and you are gone. actully no. you are worse than gone
you are with her
you are in her arms
and her heart
and her dreams
i trusted you.
i gave you everything. everything i had.
then you go and give it all to her
with barely a sorry
or so much of a second thought for the life you just destroyed.
but i still love you
i'd still crawl back to you if i could
am i serious
am i seriously that stupid
that masocistic
as to love the thing that kills me? !
i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you.i love you.
and you love her
when u said u loved me? !
loved! that word shouldn't even exsist
there is no past tense for love
so you lied.
you lied
you lied
you lied
why can't you admit it
when i admit that i cried.
always for you

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