You 'Have' To Notice It

And how it affects you daily.

'It doesn't.'

You have to notice it?

'I do.'

You are affected.

I am not.'

Of course you are.
You are obviously black.
A black man.

'And? '

If I were black I would notice that.
Everywhere I would notice it.
Everywhere I went...
It would be on my mind.
In my consciousness.
I'd be full of resentment.
I wouldn't be able to sleep,
Knowing I stood out amongst all people.
I would feel insecure.
Emotionally tormented inside,
With wishes to be white.
I would be...

Are you done?

But I just wanted you to know,
How I would feel...
IF I were a black man.'

Sorry to disappoint you.
Perhaps my commitment,
To having an identity with purpose first...
Has not prioritized my being black.
As much as you have.
Are you hoping one day I will feel inferiror?

'You don't? '

By what or who?

'Those who feel they are better than you.'

I don't fantasize.
But I realize there are many who do.
And I notice them everywhere I go.
You have to notice it too?

'I don't.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Racism, only exist if we allow it too. To be demoralized, discriminated against and disgraced because of a prejudice should not dictate how we live. 'Are you black? ' No 'Then how would you know? ' Well they are other type of discriminations. 'And exactly what is it you mean by that? ' Well I'm both white and poor and I'm targeted everyday because of it. 'But isn't that a choice if your white? ' How many people do you know that choose to be poor? 'So you're saying that people made these choices for you? ' No I'm not saying that either, I'm just saying people make mistakes, and their not always easily fixed. 'And would you live any different if you weren't? ' No I will always live a modest life style no matter what I have, or how others feel about it. I am responsible for me, nobody else is.