You Hoaxed Me

You've got me,
Trembling as if I am blind of sight.
And afraid to move around in my own space...
Feeling out of place,
In the dark of night.
Afraid a vampire will leap out,
With a growing of fangs to take a bite!

Oh you've got me,
Wishing for a pinch to awake from a breaking...
To escape,
From my own place I regarded as sacred space.

Oh yes,
You've got me...
Feeling like a bamboozeled fool,
Looking to cover my feet with only one shoe to use.
A bluesy loser knowing I am being abused.

I think you hoaxed me to be your joke!
And I set my own trap...
Allowing you to coach!

You've got me in a stupor as if I'm drugged on dope.
Swinging by my neck,
From a choke holding rope.
And trying to shake myself free,
From a miserable squeeze buckling my knees

You've got me...
Wishing I could slip and loosen from your noose.
Realizing too late I chose,
A monster wishing to bake my goose...
Just to see me be disposed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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