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You Hurt Me
AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

You Hurt Me

Isn't it amazing what passes for a life.
when you live in pain and chaos and strife
You hurt me.

How could you make me think it was job.
To some how put things right.
Make up for the pain and misery you endured.
You hurt me.

Couldnt you see my pain.
I know you knew what you were doing.
I know that cos you looked my in the face and you laughed.
You hurt me.

You said it was agame.
But once that game started.
All I felt was pain.
And I lost who I was.
I've lost my way.
You hurt me.

I was just a child.
But that didnt bother you.
You were twice my size.
It didnt stop you raping me.
You hurt me.

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Its sad: (and hurting too...I wish you had not come in contact with such person. Because its of no help if the intension of such a man or men across ther world has already in a depriviative and immoral state of physical hunger. m there to solace though from far seven seas....