You & I

Its been 7 years
Of messing around
And it was only when I left
You took your head out the ground

So you came to be with me
And its been the happiest year of my life
We have the odd hiccup
But there has been more loving than strife

It took us so long to get it right
And only one stupid moment to rip it apart
I still want to be with you
I'm so sorry I hurt your heart

I did wrong we both know that
But this isn't just a fling
We are both in this for the long run
You can still count on me as a sure thing

So what I'm trying to say is
I'm still the same person you fell in love with
And if you let me
I still have so much more love to give

Copyright Kelster April 2006©

by Kelster 333

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