CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

You I Blame (C) 5/30/2010

I just don’t understand why stupid stuff always happens to me
My heart didn’t want to retrieve
The signal to believe
That soon my love, is going to leave

Why, must you snatch our future away
I wanted to be with her until you came
Why would you do such a thing in a negative way
I had her in my arms now I don’t know what to say

You’re a thief that I can never forgive,
I’m in a debt that now I’ll never repay
Unless you tell me it’s a lie on the tips of my knees I pray
To God that I won’t go back on my word and this will stay on replay

How dare you do this to me…wait
Who am I even talking to?

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:) , ha ha, think I like it, although its kind of sad for the speaker, I mean, its obvious that person marked the speaker life and it just want to convince it self that nothing is its fault, when in a problem, all the involves, even the audience, is guilty. good writing!