AM (12 /09/1985 / Harare zimbabwe)

You Just Have To Like A Woman

You just have to like a woman

Delicate voice
An emblem of tenderness and passion
In graciousness of daylight, she harmony
Acoustic in worthiness is all you can strain

Glistening eyes
Two diamond crystals
Pursue their gesture and greet elusiveness,
Something bedroom-like still you have to like the drive
Sparkling like dew in invasion of morning sunlight,
The description fits well on mowed lawn..
There could be a revelry if you stalk their mimes
Still, it points on silky eyes.

Alluring smile
I adore calling it entangle,
There is more to it than what meets the eye.
You become likeable if this smile is dished to your direction,
But do not get carried away,
A kind of that smile comes in two dimensions,
First as friendly zone,
And that leads toa garden of beautiful.
All you have to do is to observe the trends and meet a fantasy

A step of thousand words
A walk that seems like she is doing it on hot surface,
Behold the calibre of an unhurried heifer,
The waist swaying,
It just portrays a magnificent scheme
Watch and learn is the answer to that
Someone's day might be made here.
A fascinating queen of hearts, let us play
And just a little tango is in the waiting

by Alison Mujati

Comments (4)

proud to be a woman thanks for noticingg
people of opposite sex...couldn't be said any better
Wonderful my friend .i gotta read it again xxx
To like the drive! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.