You Just Haven'T Discovered That Yet

What is substance and quality?
We've been given an assigment,
To describe what it is in an essay.'

Substance is something one wishes to have,
When a missing of a quality has been overpriced.

'I see.
In other words,
You're telling me...
You have no clue either.'

What did your father say about it?

'He said,
Substance is something sacrificed...
When the quality of it has been diminished,
To the getting of it only lasting for two minutes.'

Go tell your father,
He need not worry about the quality of the substance,
Any longer.

'Why is it,
When I ask you two a question...
The answers have nothing to do,
With my assignment.'

They do.
And they will.
You just haven't discovered that yet.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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