You Just Want Me To Preach

Our 'children' are killing each other.
Society and the 'church' has allowed this.
Not spirituality with a consciousness.
Who buys into conflicts to have that condone?
And talk about the 'Devil'?
When only devilment is known.
As if a practice to be shown.

And people talk about themselves,
In despicable tones.
Even sitting next to one another...
To 'worship' and be entertained,
Under stadium domes.

And those who profess they know God...
Say so.
And that is overblown.

If folks can not see this,
They are blind to everything else.
They are caught up in image,
And not substance.
And blatant decadence is the evidence.

They are into pretense and nonsense!
And most definitely into themselves.

Sharing grief is their reality.
Ignoring their own soldiers they put to war,
Is their 'thing'.
Having 'bling' is their commander!

And anyone who claims to pray for peace,
And receives none...
They are going through the motions,
Of looking to impress.
And 'that' should be addressed.
To lift them out of their own created mess.

Instead of trying to correct,
An accepted physicality of things.
And a host of inanimated objects to posses.
With a sadness delivered.
And the madness that it brings!


You just want me to preach.
And I ain't in the mood to do it.
I just offer my opinions unsolicited.
I don't have to be ordained,
To say the same thing from a pulpit!
To convince what God wants.
And observe those in denial,
Objecting to a reality in disbelief.
As if to ignore it will bring them relief.


You just want me to preach.
And I ain't in the mood to do it.
Especially when an unconscious mindset,
Has been drugged to be numbed...
Deluded and succumbed.
And totally out of reach.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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one great powerful write going into my favs cuz everything you say is right