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You Killed It

You killed it when you told me i was your friend.
You killed another part of me.
You told me another lie.
You said you would talk to me, nothing happened.
I can only take so much.
So much pain, so much ignorance, so much damage.
The damage has already been done.
There is still a dead part of me.
It can never be revived.
I can no longer trust you because you killed me.
You killed it and buried it with more lies and empty promises.
I cared for you, but then you killed the part of me that still loved you.
You don't want me to have feelings for you so you kept on killing me.
I don't want to lose you though.
But you still killed it.
It didn't matter to you anymore.
so you drove another knife into my heart.
You made sure you killed it.
So you wouldn't have to worry about it.
You didn't want the guilt of knowing that i wanted to be your friend.
Instead of telling me that you didn't want me to be your friend,
you just killed me.
And you got the job done.
Threw my life away and killed it.
I didn't want to lose you but you still killed it.
Thanks for killing it.
You were hurting me without even realizing it.
You saw me cry and knew why.
Why didn't you remember before?
Thanks for killing it.
I didn't want this feeling for you.
you aren't worth it anyway.

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