You Knew That! That's Why You Accepted My Invitation

I am so glad I was able to accept your invitation,
To join you this evening to eat.
And I am famished too!

That makes me so glad to hear.
We might as well get started.
Excuse me for a moment.'

Take your time.
I love your home.

'I've never heard it termed that way.
Thank you.
Begin anytime you wish.
I have tons of it.'

This is nothing but a bunch of...

'I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
In my excitement,
I've served to you first the dessert.'

I had expected...

'Don't say another word.
My bad!
It's now autographed.
You don't have to start with that book.
I do have other writings.'

Where is the food?

'I'm feeding that to you now.
I think we have a misunderstanding.
I thought you said you couldn't wait to feed,
On what I had to offer you to eat.
Don't you wish to be nourished by my wisdom?
That's what I am serving you to eat!
Me, my thoughts, my intelligence.'

You don't have too many friends, .
Do you?

'There you go again.
Trying to read my mind.
Probe into my head.
You knew that.
That's why you accepted my invitation! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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