You Know

You know that I am here for you,
No matter what they say.
You know I’ll always tell the truth,
From now until always.

You know I’ll never let you down.
Or ever watch you fall.
You know I’ll always be around.
We’ll make it through it all.

You know I’ll never call you weak.
Or let you lose all hope.
You know you mean the world to me.
You know you mean the most.

You know I’ll never make you cry.
Or ever turn my back.
You know that I will never lie.
Or put you in my past.

You know I’ll never cause you pain.
Or let them ruin your life.
You know my love is not some game.
You know this love is rite.

You know I’d give my life for you.
I’d give my final breath.
You know there’s nothing I’d not do.
I’m here for you till death.

by Concetta Neville

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