DW (January 8th,1966 / )

You Know-

Verse 1

The best laid plans
don't always go
way you believe
When you stand
so close to the edge
someday you may-take the fall

Verse 2

Too many wrongs
a lot of mistakes made
along the journey
I've played a fools game
now I stand-in the lonliness I've made
How many chances
are truly given-until it's too late


'Cause you know
you know-you know
If I could turn back time
stop the minutes from ticking by
I'd say I love you-love you
never let you slip away


Hold you-like I never did before
not miss you the way
my heart is aching here inside
Here with me insted
of this empty memory

Verse 3

Fall to my knees
beg the man above
Is there still a chance
for one last-eternal dance
One last
just to stand with you
Not throw it all away
do for us-not just for me
Give my everything
or should I really give up

Chorus & Bridge (x2)

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