RB (21st December / Siliguri)

You Know, Actually I Am …

I have murdered so many guys
I have blinded so many peoples’ eyes.
I have kidnapped so many women
And the other day I hijacked an entire aero plane.

I am always trailed by police
And so you will often find me in disguise
Almost everyday I am conspiring against somebody
And working hard to implement my plans so dirty and shady.
I may be a man who is very very gutsy
But at the same time I am a bad guy, with a mind very very nasty.

Oh, please don’t get shocked, ladies and gentlemen
Actually I am only a popular screen villain.
All the activities mentioned above are the ones I do in movies
In real life I am an innocent person, whose favorite pastime is to play with his kids.
Please believe me, I have never caused any harm to anybody, except myself (LOL)
Rather, if possible, I am always there to help (you) .

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