You Know Doggone Well 'They' Aint Them

Many are fanatics.
With over-reactive temperments.
Constantly they are in arguments.
And never satisfied with that which makes sense.

Live in and create their own hostile environments.
Say they hate outside involvement.
Are the first to call the police and/or the government,
For assistance.

Solicit they do for a unity amongst themselves.
And yet despise suggestions as to how to do that best!
And sit back on concrete stoops...
If not from porches with steps.
Or congregate wherever they can find an empty space,
To stand all day on a neighborhood corner...
Joking as if paid jesters.
Pointing out which of the ones who pass them by,
Live in a twilight zone.

'Who are 'they'?
And WHO are you talking about? '

I am talking about US!
Haven't I made that obvious?
We are 'they'!
Not them.
If we were them...
We would not accept this from 'they'!
Now would we?

And don't look at me as if I am saying something,
You don't understand!
You know doggone well 'they' aint them.
And we are 'they'!
You know this.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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