You Know Home

Beyond our power and knowledge
In secret far and away of this life
Our destiny is shaped like a ridge
In every path we take for our own life
We trek our feet guided as in a bridge
In this society divided and torn by strife,
There is Supreme Being who portion everything
We strive and slave ourselves to make a fortune
Our expectations set higher but we earn nothing
Our reward frustrates and demoralizes our tune
Families and friends take hand to blame the devil
We have our bad luck and the devil to blame
We are held in a world bound by this evil
But take heart that you know our home.

World is totally unpredictable and uncertain
You sleep at night not sure of tomorrow
Waking up is matter of miracle to happen
Daylight illuminates our life as hope show
We receive the bad news so and so are gone
The dark spell doom to them though were fit
From dawn to dusk we weep and mourn
Praying for morning dew before the sun hit
To fill us with agility to overcome the feat
To wipe away our tears and bury the cadaver
And as we roast the carcass to endure the heat
The warm blood to clean mess, spirit remover
The innocent young lamb that must die
To appease the dead and escort them to hell
We too prepare to meet them when we die
A day not known us but so certain as well
When our souls will depart from this body
People will declare us gone or dead
All the rituals we performed to everybody
That day will done to our lifeless head
This is our destiny and fate as mortal being
To appear in the morning like the night dew
And disappear after the sun rising
We need to appreciate and change our view
And take heart as we know our home.

by Kinyua Karanja

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