You Know I Don'T Drive

From all that I have ever written.
And throughout the years that I have done it...
You have stated today,
There is 'one' composition...
That has completely appalled you.

Was it the one about 'racism'?
Or was it the one detailing my feelings of isolation?
Living as a creative Black man in a suppressive...
Yet 'declared' diversed society?

'Why do you have to be so...
Defensive militantly about your 'perceptions'.
And openly obnoxious about it? '

You've must have read my yet to complete,
'Flavorless Pie Unsliced'.
How on Earth did you get a copy of that?

'I was looking through your garbage just the other day,
And happened to come across this disgusting nonsense.
It is totally hatred tinged.'

I see.
Thank you for reminding me,
Of the kind of neighbor you are.
No need to clutch onto your pocketbook.
I've already burglarized your car!

'Why are you lieing?
You know I don't drive.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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