You Know It Don'T Come Easy

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

Little puppy
on his first walk
learning how to be
a big dog

cocks his leg
against a tree
to wee
and not having got
the balance quite right as yet

falls over into
his own wee
....oh, Pepe!

Proudly walking by Camden canal
(testing his new adoring masters)
having got the hang of land
and grass and soil and

but still a little unsure
of what water and canal are
he just steps off
into mid air

like a cartoon character
attempting to emulate
Him above
(can dogs pray to God)
walk on water

finds his feet
not there
and hey
what’s all this wet stuff
plunges in
the lead rapidly playing
itself out
until it jerks to a choking stop
and I plunge in

rescue this stupid
little morsel
that used to be a Yorkie
and has now transformed itself
into a drowned rat.
I plop him
down the front of my jacket

carry him home
(his heart beating preciously against my heart)
to his very first bath.
We photograph
laugh at him.
He looking like he
is not enjoying any of all this
human fun
at his expense.

It will be a long time before he’s let out on his own.
I never thought)
there’s a lot(even for a dog) to learn
about how
to be
a dog.

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Hava-Wava! - playfully composed and very funny about how to be a dog

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