You Know The Agony

How come you know the agony?
How does the torture affect many?
Undergo the suffering and you may have feeling
The spirit and resolve keeps you live and not killing

The toothache may make you restless
The painful night may be reflected on face
Peace of mind is affected largely to get rid off
You may be prevented from offering a forced laugh

It is better to be lost in crowd
Let your voice be heard very loud
It may have enough of strength and weight
You are in time on scene and never late

Some of pains are really unbearable
They may send you down and crumble
You are down with so much helplessness
It is known but difficult to come out of duress

It is said and believed that one must under go the same
You may exactly be in position and state where from it came
It may be troubling to all but never actually took place
The worry lines are reflected and clearly seen on the face

No one likes slight pain or discomfort
No one may voluntarily go for or opt
It comes in regular course and dealt with
Person is bending with cry and closing the teeth

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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