You Know When You Write Poetry You Find

You know when you write poetry you find
the architecture of your lineage your teachers
like Robert Duncan for me gave me some glue for the heart
Beats which gave confidence
and competition
to the Images of Perfection

. . . or as dinner approaches I become hasty

September 17, 1986

by Joanne Kyger

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This writer's short verse on writing poems was written nearly 30 years ago, I see. Hope for me yet. I do not see any 'architecture of lineage' in my teachers, friends, and other people, other things. Nor can I accept 'glue for the heart'. Maybe, we should be generous to critics, but patient enough to wait for fame. My father quoted someone's quip: Fame is a thing that dead men eat. AM
Very thoughtfully narrated in its brevity.
some glue for the heart beats- - the architecture of our lineage- - very interesting way of looking at writing
Well written poem.....A thought provoking indeed.
A though provoking and meaningful verse. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.10+ points.
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