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You Know Where To Look...
KM (does it matter? ? ? / India! ! !)

You Know Where To Look...

You say hello and u look straight into my eye
You seem familiar and I wonder why?
You ask me how I am and if life has been good
I want to answer but I don’t know if I should.

You hold my hand and you ask me to sit for a while
You bring back old memories and you make me smile
You talk of people who seem so distant and far
I still sit here wondering.. who you are

You say you need to go, but I want you to stay,
You say you cant, you need to go away,
You say “Sweets … I too wish that this moment could last ….
But I need to leave, as I am your past “

“It’s the present you need to go with coz I will take you nowhere
I am what you were, but it’s a different journey from now on and here “
Clinging to me will not help, you need to get off the hook..
But whenever your present makes you lonely, you know where to look …..”

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Comments (4)

A very poignant poem. Philosophical.
beautiful! I like the rhythm and message!
This is a beautiful and inspiring peom. Very nice.
This is an all around good poem. The writing and the rhythm are very good and the subject is also very mature.