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You Know You're Getting Older When...

The scroll bar for anapplication
takes forever to get to your year of birth

The creaks you hear are your bones
not the floor boards

Younger people take the time to hold the door
open even without asking

Taking an escalator or elevator instead of stairs
is the only option

Switching the phone from ear to ear
doesn't make hearing any easier

Can openers and jars become the enemy

You swear your arms are getting shorter
making tying your shoe laces a challenge

"Say again" are the most used words
in your vocabulary

You save money on haircuts and shampoo
as there is less to work with

Grey becomes your new favorite color

Slow now feels fast

Cat naps are mandatory

The right lane on a highway becomes your domain

You need eye glasses to find your eye glasses

The remote is an extension of your hand

"Skip to the lou my darling" are
more than words to a song

And that's just the short list

Don't laugh, someday you'll be there

Andreas Simic©

by Andreas Simic

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It's a one way trip.