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You Learn, I Learn

Learned from the Great Edgar Allen Poe not to exaggerate
But demons are what I came to slay he taught me how to
Carry the pain to the ninth degree as the pendulum continues
To swing do you not hear the words of the wind as
Darkness begins to seep through the layers of the skin
Killing these inner demons through the forces of my pen
It's now all out war nuclear of the ink as it begins to
Down pour causing panic and literal out-roar putting
The world in a frantic state as I write more
Just wanting to give you something to make you levitate
Like William Shakespeare did back in 1594
With " The Rape of Lucrece" I agree it still puts a chill
Along the spine a masterpiece you are sure to find

A compartmental mind's essential with an razor's edge
It's Carpel tunnel every-time I write never losing sight
Of what I'm trying to achieve and accomplish it's what
The Gov't hopes to abolish that's why they're cutting
Funds for college slogan " Erase all knowledge" now
Gaining knowledge is a fee goes to show you that
Nothing will ever come free as they try to erase all
Memories of a diplomacy they want us all to be illiterate
I've come to light a fuse no longer will my words be
Unused every time using the news as my muse it's
Crazy how the Gov't kills us when the night sits
Are you willing to pick up the fight yet?
People become snakes when their spineless
It was in due time that I would find this true
Break free from the shackles that's binding you
It's me whose reminding you how to break through
And tap into your inner dome inner potential that
You own time to hone your talent until it's shown


by Laquory Jones

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Tap into your inner dome! ! And bring out your best! For peace and love to all mankind without racism. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.