You Left Me Here Alone...

Poem By beautiful imperfection

You came and went
as you pleased,
you didn't think
of how you'd hurt me.
You'd come back
and apologize,
I was stupid enough
to believe your lies.
I forgave you
and let you back in,
but you took advantage of my forgiving nature,
into your trap you pulled me in.
Now I am forever changed,
it's all because of you,
I trusted you with my heart,
but in the wind it blew.
You left me once again
to always wonder why,
you never gave me an explanation,
your sincerity was all a lie.
You left me all alone,
broken and afraid,
Now I'm forever condemned
to hide myself away.
I have so many things
I want to say to you
Some nice, others mean,
but at least I'd be true.
You left me here
to cry alone at night,
I feel so worthless,
it's just not right.
You make me feel so many things,
hurt, anger, pain,
I feel so unlovable
will I ever be whole again?

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Beautiful! Its everything I'm thinking right now!

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