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You Lied
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You Lied

They said it was a gift one you should be careful to give
They said you should wait it's not a decision you'll want to relieve
They said say no and you'll thank them one day
But i found out it's my decision and this is what i have to say
You lied it wasn't what you said it'd be
You lied it didn't mean that much to me
All along i knew what we would be
And in the end i knew he wouldn't end up with me
I guess i tried to make him the one
The one ive loved all along
Why couldn't i have the one
But i guess i'm threw and done
It's time to lay down the past
So as i write this poem i let it all go to the very last
I'm changing my ways and i finally see that not even the one can love me the way God loves me.
You lied it didn't change my destiny
Or maybe the one lieing is actually me
It was a gift i held on to far too long
I thought you said it was more then just a love song

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i really love this poem candice! i think it is beautiful