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You Lied

I wait by your home in the dead of night
You told me you loved me this was not true
You vowed you would leave her
Why o why did you lie

You had your fun I had mine
In the hotel room we were both so wild
Our passions raced the heat would rise
No other lover had made me feel this way

Feeling the erotic nectar flow
Making my head spin out of control
My body shaking to the vibrations of your lust
I was like a crazed animal in your hands

We made our plans to run away
You would make me yours
Setting up a home we two being as one
For ever together lovers for life

I gaze through your window
Seeing you there with her
I can’t stand it you are mine
This I will not allow

I wait by your home in the dead of night
I hear your car turn on to the drive
You park and get out I hear your alarm set on the car
As you turn I am there with out a word you look at me

You see the knife clutched to my breast
You ask me “why are you here”
That is the last words you will ever say
The knife is now in your heart and I say “you lied”

You fall to the floor
Your shirt is slowly staining black in the moon light
I cry as I stand over your out stretched body
But all I can think is I love you O what have I done? ?

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