You Lied

You Lied
Words cascaded effortlessly from a forked tongue
I was naïve to consider you pure

You Lied
Eyes that never spoke anything but broken dreams
My trust was never so fleeting

You Lied
Remorse was a thought forgotten once heard
My mistakes laid plain before others

You Lied
You smiled as worthless promises fell from your lips
I believed because I needed truth

You Lied
Whispers of love as we kissed in soft candlelight
I must have been such easy prey

You Lied
Because you could
And I believed

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

by A.J. McKinley

Comments (4)

I did not lie you just joking this shows the feeling of misguided trust excellent write....
Oh no what happend? Lylyanna
Painful. You have described the betrayal well.
It's all too easy to believe those lies, AJ. How many of us have been caught in those same nets? Nice poem.... Love, Fran xx