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You Lift My Heart
WL (11/24/1949 / Staten Island, New York)

You Lift My Heart

You raise my spirit with a smile
You lift me higher
Then I deserve to be
When I am feeling down
You take me by the hand
You lift this heart
To higher ground
Without a single word
Without a sound
When my world is tumbling down
You stop the turning
When things are looking bleak
You find the light
You catch each tear that falls
You kiss it dry
You hold me close to you
And then I sigh
You lift this heart
You take me higher
You guide me to
The place I want to be
You raise my spirits
You help me believe
You lift my heart
these eyes can see
Some days I scare myself
With unwanted fears
I stood there shaking
For so many years
It happened all inside
I kept it hidden
But you looked at me
And your eyes could see
You came to lift my heart
And hold my hand
To help me look inside
And now I understand
Just who I really am
You set me free
You lifted up my heart
You helped me to find me
So now I catch your tears
I kiss them dry
I gently hold your hand
I ask you why
You look at me and smile
I hold you close
Remembering all we have
Much more then most
It seems that it was there
From the very start, when you smiled at me

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Beautiful, what a turn around at the end....unexpected with strong emotion..reads like a stream gently flowing from the mountains. - Cindy