You´ll Be Happy

Your eyes will glisten with the first morning ray
wrapped up in other arms.
They will smile when they are reflected in the blaze
nascent of a new loving awakening
Your flesh will tremble with the subtle touch
and lustful of your new partner.
And you will be happy for the rest of the day!

Your body will burn when beginning the night
your soul will smile in the warm dimness,
You will kiss other lips with wild passion
and you will make love in full dawn.
You will be happy for the rest of the night!

After the love, it will wrap you the tenderness
And maybe tears of love or perhaps of nostalgia
appear in your face
You will kiss soft and sweetly to your new love
And you will sleep happy until the dawn!

¡ But don't forget that I will be present
in your dreams
the same as always, to remember
that like I loved you, nobody will love you!
And if a smile is drawn in your lips
while you dream of me,
Don't tell to him that you dreamt of me!
and make him happy for the rest of the time!

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