You'Ll Find Me In Dreamland

Poem By Michelle Guza

Resting my weary head,
Upon my desk I sleep
The movies play
From my heart and head deep
As in a drama
The dreams start to play
I can see it is dark
Later in the day
Cold on my face; the breeze
But im to caught up in a stare
My heart beats like a drum
The wind blows free strands of my hair
From head to toe
My body is paralyzed
I hear someone call me
But I don’t even realize
Chills up my arm
Goose-bumps appear
Frozen by emotion
Love weakness and fear
I see a smile
Suddenly my blood goes cool
Behind me there is an edge
An ice cold pool
A move is made toward me
But I quickly step away
I look ahead with nothing to say
I trip over a brick that was out of place
Im falling faster
As my heart starts to race
I take a deep breath in
All a sudden I see the most important
This is when it will begin
Holding air in me
For what seems like days
Nothing left
But the numbness stays
I see the bubbles float; no more air
I feel as my insides
Start to stare
I see someone’s face
From the water blurred
As someone grasps my hand
Pulls me above the water with out a word
Im sitting on the ground as I gasp for breath
Then I feel a touch on my shoulder
I feel my body get colder and colder
I finely catch my breath
As I stare into your eyes
At the moment I wake up look to you
And that is when I realize
You saved me…
As I hear you say
You will always find me in dreamland…

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awwww thats such a cute poem michelle..........awwwwww

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