AP (june 14th 1993 / mountain home air force base)

You'Ll Never Know

your eyes are as blue as the ocean
and baby,
trust me.
i was lost at sea.
never would you know
how much you mean to me.

the first time i met you
i had no words to say
but the more you spoke to me
the more my heart gave way.

people say ishouldn't love you
because you broke my heart
but every time i see you
my world just falls apart

you look at me and my only
wish is just for you to know
that with one look you devour
my heart and soul

every time i see you
i feel total shame
you don't even know
that youcause my broken
heart to fill with pain

you don't know that in
my mind, i only see your face
you don't know that that's the
only thing i'll never erase

you'll never know i love you
not just now...
but forever..
or that good things fall apart
so that better things can fall together

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