You'Ll Never Know

I'll not let you see any tears that may fall,
you'll think all your love has meant nothing at all.
My heart will be screaming as you walk away,
but my face will be saying 'Too bad you can't stay'
You'll not see me weeping - I'll wait till your gone,
you'd never believe all the sadness you've spun.
And as you mull over each how and each why,
you'll not spare a thought for the tears that I cry.
The way that you touch me, your soft tender kiss,
are just the begining of all that i'll miss.
Your presence surrounds with that turn me on smell,
with the barotone voice, caused my senses to swell.
The way that you'd tease me, then wickedly smile,
as you take me to heaven to stay for a while.
I love you completely, you make my life whole,
you could never imagine the love that you stole.
I dont want you to leave me, I dont want to part,
I dont want to take chains and start binding my heart.
I'm so sorry I hurt you, it wasn't my plan,
and I hope in my heart you'll forgive if you can.
But you won't see me crying if you say goodbye,
though i'll pray in my heart that you'll say we can try.
And I wont let you in, if our ties start to sever,
on the fact that my heart will be yours for forever.

by nicola forbes

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A very good poem that speaks from the heart.