You'Ll Never Know Until You Try

When bills keep coming in the mail
And all the jobs just seem to fail;
And so you wonder what to do?
How will you ever see this through?
It seems as if you can't get by,
You'll never know until you try.

When called upon to give a talk
Before a crowd that sit and gawk.
Your shattered nerves may drive you nuts,
And you may think you have no guts.
Don't say you can't because you're shy,
You'll never know until you try.

You've listened to the pilot's speech.
You've heard how well this man can teach,
You've seen the cockpit, have no fear,
In time he'll make all things quite clear.
Don't say I can't, I'll never fly,
You'll never know until you try.

You want to try a meal that's new;
Perhaps some fancy way-out stew.
Don't worry how the meal will taste,
Don't worry when it's time to baste,
Or should you roast or bake or fry,
You'll never know until you try.

So nature's dealt a crippling blow;
A lousy stroke has laid you low.
The therapy is quite a strain
And any movement's fraught with pain,
I'll never walk again, you sigh.
You'll never know until you try.

by Carl G. Schrade

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