Poem By Jeff Law

That special night when two are one
And one means you are whole
You’ll lie on cover and hug forever
Until the dawn does come.

The sunlight peeks its head round curtains
And licks up on your face
You’ll turn your head and see your other
And enter her loving embrace

Her face it lights just like that sunshine
When she opens her eyes to you too
And together you’ll watch the sun fly high
And say goodbye to the moon

The showers on and covers off
And bathrobe on the floor
The clothes from last night scattered untidy
The don’t disturb sign still on the door

The look you get when she looks at you
It makes a grown man stutter
The heat from her skin it could cut through butter
The smell from her hair it makes the heart flutter.

I wish everyday I could share the same bed
And feel you in my arms we’ll hold
With you in my arms and with me in yours too
With you I see us growing old.

Imagine the day when we’re wrinkled and wise
And thinking about our youthful days
And together we’d lie upon that same bed
And into our eyes we would gaze

I would follow your love through thick and through thin
And definitely into dark
As long as I have your candle light burning
There is no impossible task.

The impossible’s possible, the hardest is easy
The cant be done will be done
The most difficult thing, we’ll do it with ease
Because in your arms is where I belong

I need this love because without it I’m not
I rely on this love every morn
I’m addicted to you this love is so strong
I can’t wait to lay here and welcome that dawn.

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quality poem Mr Law.. 'The dont disturb sign still on the door' gd lyrics homie. Dec x

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