(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Look Familiar

When selecting someone to dislike...
If one has a need to have this done.
It is best to choose someone,
Who is not directly connected...
To cause an effect that may upset one's survival.

Many people discriminately dislike others,
For no apparent reason at all.
Only to discover they know someone's sister or brother,
That's related to the one who decides...
Who gets fired or hired.
A promotion of a known adversary is done,
To make someone's life as miserable as possible.
And the boss just happens to be everyone's cousin.

There is nothing like witnessing someone's eyes pop,
Wide open...
Upon discovering who has been chosen,
To call the shots!

There is nothing like the experience of it.
When one feels a churning in the stomach.
And your mouth opens with jaws ready to drop.
How can anyone not notice you are shocked!

'You look familiar?
You have no idea how happy I am 'you' are on my team!
I have just the right project for you.
You and I will be working very closely together.'

And you look around knowing,
You have been negatively exposed.
With a mouth wide open you should have kept closed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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