ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

You Looked On

You looked on.
As I was being raped.
You were up at a hight.
With others as well as you.
You could of gone for help.
But instead you looked on.
You left me to be hurt.
As you looked on.
But I guess I know why now.
As it wasnt to stop there.
It would seem rape would be all I was to know.
But you looked on when you could of helped.
And I hate you.

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... Savage... Raw... Intense... A catharsis? Your poem brought to mind a 'situation' in N.Y.C., decades age, whereupon 37 (I believe) people (people?) watched a young woman being attacked, and, eventually, murdered. I've long forgotten her name (I believe her first name was 'Kitty') , but I found your stark condemnation / damnation to be apropos. I will not be intrusive. I will be typically honest and non-patronizing. From my perspective, and irregardless of direction of content, and (respectfully) suggestive of a few simple word substitutions and polish, this is one heck-of-a very fine poem!