You Lost The Game

You lure me into this web with all your lies
You’re beautiful… you’re smart
Well, those lies just break my heart
Kill from the inside,
Watch me fall gracefully,
And my tears are badges of bravery
To cry in front of your face
To cry and you call me pathetic a waste
Bury me with you labels
Cut me with your sighs
Fatal betrayal of lost words,
And simple smiles
Fearless our generation will die
Grab my hands squeeze them tight
Look into my eyes
See my soul
Kiss me goodnight
I hate the way every moment your name is in my head
I hate how every second I hear your voice
“Hey baby, yea babe, of course babe…”
Replaying conversations when we just laid deep into our sheets
Thinking of how you would laugh at how I was just being silly
Into a magical dismay
I check my messages twice
As if I didn’t hear you didn’t call the first time
I read old convos as if I forgot what we would say
I smile lightly as you linger into my mind
My heart is racing like we were meant to stop time
Speed of light is this dream
And I know when I come awake
You’ll be thinking how we could have meant so much more
More than just stupid words,
More than tears up on the floor
We were meant to walk through double doors
Say sweet vows and kiss at the moment of being bride and groom
But, with all these lies, you left no room
To ever be happy I would have to close my eyes
And pretend you love me
Pretend we were meant,
But, a life time of pretending can surely make me forget
There are others who can love me
Others who don’t cause me to fall into shame
Baby, I’m just so tired of how you blame
This end is like check mate
Sorry dear, you lost the game

by victoria martinez

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