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You Love, I Love

You love the wide brown country the flatlands sparse in trees
Where when the moon is rising in the freshening evening breeze
You hear the dingoes barking out hunting for the night
They chase the mob of kangaroos for miles in the moonlight.

I love the coastal country the paddocks by the sea
The cackling of the wattlebirds on the coastal banksia tree
With the rumbling of the ocean splashing on rocks on the shore
Nature's voice it is immortal it will live forever more.

You love the wide brown country that's where you long to be
Far inland from the ocean in your dreams you can see
The brown songlark above the paddock and he sings as he soar
In the old brown land Northwest of here two hundred miles or more.

I love the coastal country the healthy and fresh sea air
Where the river meets the ocean but your love is elsewhere
And as they say each to their own and with that most would agree
And you love the wide brown country and the coastal lands for me.

by Francis Duggan

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