(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Love It And I Know It

I can not treat you with respect.
You don't know what it looks like.
Or what it means to show it either.

No where inside my mind,
Is there a fantasy about you telling lies on me.
And pretending that's not done when I overhear you do it!
Do you see 'fool' written across my forehead?

'Do you want me to respond to that?
Lift up the horse tail.
OR should I tell you what it is I do see?
Which do you prefer?
An acknowledgement...
Or a discussion? '

You want to shine in public.
No matter to who's expense.
You cut off my sentences when I speak,
As if what I say makes no sense.
And completing my thoughts when they are yours,
And not mine...
Is getting exceedingly dangerous.
That 'cool' I hold?
Is not going to be kept that much longer.
I am in no competition with you.
You are going to say the wrong thing,
At the right time.
And my mind is going to forget,
It use to have common sense in it.

We are suppose to be together.
You know?
As a couple?
In a relationship?

'Let me know when you are finished.'

Trust me.
I'm almost done with you.

The wig you have on your head,
Doesn't look as good as the one your sister has.
And the weave your father wears,
Does not look appropriate for a man damn near dead!
What was wrong with that?

The people gave you sympathy.
You were there when they held you when you cried.
I saw that.
And you say I am the one not understanding.
I understood that.

But I'm not the one trying to get attention.
You manage to do that all by yourself.'

Oh yeah?
I'm almost done with you.
You have no idea.

You love it and I know it!
I don't need clues to hunt around to see that.'

One day you are going to say the wrong thing to me.
And that might be heard by somebody else,
Who is not going to tolerate it.

'There you go...
Talking about the 'power' of God.'

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very neat... great work.10.