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You Loved Her Once

You loved her
and this is what i know
You touched her onece
and this is what i know
Iknow you must have loved her more then me
I know you criyed for her more then me
And i know, you still there somehow
And i just want to tell you that i am tryin
I am tryin not to think about you, but her
I am tryin not to be like second one
Iknow you loved her and you wanted her once
And i just want to tell you, that you will be always
and this what life is
I do love her, cry for her, want her badly
So sweat like snow fall
But i know deep dwon she is yours,
and she will be always
She will be loving me
or may be she bore my child
She will do what i dream of
she will come in my arms and kiss me
Love me hug me and give me all
What i want,
I just wanna tell you
We both love the sweatest person
man can ever find

by abid khan

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Interesting. :) (pssst, there are some typos!)