You Loved Her Once

You loved her once,
You can’t have her again
You’ll never get back to that place to begin
It’s gone now forever and never again
Will you see the twinkle in her eye?
Or that sweet little grin
She’ll no longer be the sun in your sky
She’s no longer the answer to the question why? ? ?
You once held the key to her heart
But you messed up and can’t even get back to the start
There’s no longer a keyhole or even a door
Cause all the pieces are scattered all over the floor
Go get yourself some Elmer’s glue
I know it’s not much but it’s the best you can do
It doesn’t matter anyways though cause you’ve lost your place
There’s no way you could slow her down to your pace
She’s quit on love and loves quit on you
And just when you think that it might be through
If you’re willing and your love is deep-rooted
Then just maybe you two are really suited
For a love without goodbyes

by Christopher Taber

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