(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Made It Obvious

I have had many life experiences.
Beginning early in my blessed life.
With it done to have learn,
Valuable lessons.
From those Asian.
And White.

As I grew I already knew,
A few basics of life to never ignore.
With this to make sure I stayed observant.
Becoming a servant to my curiosity.
Knowing I should not take for granted.
Or disrespect anyone with that to leave.
And paid to them undivided attention.
To whatever they did and reasons why.

I have had many life experiences.
And everyday more I wish.
With a more focus,
On what I do to choose.
And what I say to others too!
Especially to those,
Loving to gossip.
Loving it if it's fresh local news.

Trusting anyone,
Has become so difficult to do these days.
And I have learned to pick and select,
Who I choose to say what to.
With scrutiny and suspicion.
Knowing who can not wait for others to hear,
What to them in confidence I confessed.
Hoping they would not accept,
The outragiousness of it.
And this to do proves who I can trust.

Sometimes I have discovered,
Trust for some means nothing to them.
Regardless who they may appear to be.

"You shared with me in confidence,
What I recently was told was a lie."

Very interesting.
If I told you something,
You knew was confidential.
And between just you and me.
Who was it that told you,
What to only you had been a lie?

"What difference does that make? "

Now others know you,
To be quick to spread a lie.

"But why?
Why would you do that? "

I have had many life experiences.
Beginning very early in my blessed life.
With it done to learn,
From an array of different people.
Be they Asian.
Black or White.
To know who I can trust.
And obviously you have proven to me,
Is nowhere near your agenda!

You were the one that lied.
To Me! "

Your point to make?
To yourself.
What? !
Take your time.
I'm listening.

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