You Made Me Cry

What the hell did I do
To cause you to act this way?
What the hell did I say?
To make you walk by like you don't even know me?

We were best friends
I remember the night we talked till the coming of the dawn
You and I were inseperable
A part of a group of five that promised to love each other forever

Remember when we said that we would get ready for prom together?
And be in each others weddings?
How we talked not in years but forever
That we would be friends and we would never change?

What about that day on the beach?
I never felt more loved
Remember your birthday party that I missed my father's 40th to attend?
Remember how I cried in your arms?

Remember how much I trusted you?
How I would never tell you a lie?
Remember the guys who broke your heart?
Who held you and wiped each tear from your eye?

The gurlz, best friends YOU started that silly slogan
How ironic that you broke it first
I hate you more then words can describe
I love you so much that it hurts

Remember the day you stopped talking?
Do you know how much I cried?
At least just give me a reason
You owe that much to the memories we shared

Don't come crying to me when you realize you have no friends here
There was a time I would have forgiven you
But you've made me deal with more then I can bear
I'm not a saint

So there you have it
I've been hurt all my life
I should be able to work past all this
But I've never experienced more pain then the day you walked away

I think it's because you are the only one I have ever cared about
That the pain runs so deep
You are the first girl I've ever learned to love
And now I must lay down and grieve

by Eden Sheffroth

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Comments (4)

Powerful poem Eden
Very emotional poem.9/10
This is very emotional, very sad, very angry, and very incredible. Please don't stop writing, Eden. Keep up the good work Paddy
Very powerful and moving.