TA (June 30,1981 / India)

You Made Me Feel

You made me laugh,
You made me cry.
The look in your eyes,
Made me shy.

The words you whispered
in my ear
Those sweet nothings
I yearn to hear.

The way you made me
Feel in the drizzle.
The touch so gentle
It makes me crumble.

I still want to
Feel that warmth.
As you held me,
Close to your heart.

Today you are gone,
And will never reply.
But the you in me,
Will never die.

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Comments (10)

A long sigh after readin this! Its a beautiful poem. Ur poems are wonderful.
hurted by love....ah! poetry....
It sadden u But true feelings, really awesome, u hve expressed them very emotionally n beautifully
...what a lovely confession of young love, so sweet
Tender sentiments, ultimately sad, very eloquently expressed.
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