(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Made That Choice

You made that choice.
To ignore my voice and others.
With a decision to decide,
A truth you refused to hear...
Was better left pushed aside.
Ridiculed and criticized.

Now that it has been clear,
Those words once heard spoken.
Are no longer near your ears,
To hear.
You have buyer remorse,
To have been directed...
On a path way off course.
By those who sold to you,
A sugar coating...
Of smut smothered mud,
Dipped in time released deceit.

It is honesty you seek.
With a truth convincing.
You demand your own delusions,
To be explained.
And why those floral scents,
Carry a stench in the air.
My fellow misinformed,
And truth to disregard citizens
How do you 'dupe'?

'All of us have come to suffer.
From our...
Wrong decisions made.
You show us no empathy.
No respect at all.
And lining up together,
To do high steps...
Like the Rockets.
Displays less not more,
Of that united brotherhood...
From you we expected.'

Kick right,
1-2 then left.
Hold. Deep breathe. Now repeat.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Beautiful poem.. It brings to me a picture of a government disregading its citizens' view. This is a clear image of what will happen to such government cos a government can't stand without its citizen's say in it.. Thanks for sharing