You Make My Life Complete

My mind is floating
as the sun slowly
sets in the west

The three quarter
eclipse reminds me
of how life works

My time with you
is so special
I love every second of it

You are my solar energy
andmy spirits are lifted
to such grander heights

I love you
and never want to see
our lives in full eclipse

The second half
of our lives is really
like a magnificent sunrise

Where does it say
that getting on in years
means we suffocate

I feel more alive
today than at any
time in my life

The sun will not soon set
on us or end
in a three quarter eclipse

We have just begun
and like a engrossing
sunrise we grow in time

I never look at my life
as an eclipse
but rather a glowing reprise

You still take
my breath away
when you kiss me

Stay the course
with me and let's
make new sunrises
that will pale in comparison

You truly are my solar energy
and I live for your love
You make my life complete


by G.B. Smith

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