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You May As Well Be Happy

You may as well be happy for your troubles only few
And compared to many others hardships you've not been through
Some people know great poverty and their life journey uphill
But they make the most of their lives and they live on with a will.

And when your little worries with another you do share
He only shrugs his shoulders as if to say I do not care
For he has his own troubles and that for him enough
His life journey is uphill and the path he climb is rough.

You may as well be happy for a smile don't cost a thing
And the sound of happy laughter to it has a pleasant ring
And make the most of every day your troubles only small
For the simple gift of happiness is the greatest gift of all

You may as well be happy no need for you to feel sad
For compared to some other people your life not at all bad
And if you walk around with a happy look and to others smile and say hello
Then you spread the gift of happiness and of you they wish to know.

by Francis Duggan

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