You May, As Well

You may, as Well
Cause as far as I can Tell
You have to ring,
Your Own Bell!

When life's a slippery Slope
And it's hard to Cope
You have to Grab,
'The Rope of Hope'

You have to do the best you Can
You have to ring your own bell, Man
So be on Guard
And, pull that rope long and Hard

by David Darbyshire

Comments (5)

Definitely right, you are in charge of your own destiny--very good poem Dave------Melvina
Absolutely right, you do, David, only you can form your own future. As long as you don't dropp a clanger! Love Ernestine XXX
For whom the bell tolls.We can find the strength, we must, lets not give in to the option for as long as we can.You have shown great faith in this.thankyou David.I hope that many will benefit from your wise wordsLove Duncan
I pulled hard on the rope and it fell. Now what? Grand insight Dave Patricia
Nice to have you back, Davey. Good holiday? As for your poem, hmm, I like the caring feeling behind it, but I feel you could express it with greater impact. Please don't hate me for saying so, sweets (as if you would!) . Love, Gina.