You May Ask, I Will Answer

You may ask, is his light and love to good to be true...I will answer, it's the real thing cause it erased years of personal blue
You may ask, could he really have unconditonal love for another...I will answer, learned that all from a loyal and single mother

You may ask, will he hurt me like the ones before...I will answer, I treat women like goddesses, not like a cheap whore
You may ask, will he be there for me when I cry...I will answer, I'm there forever and a day even after we all die

You may ask, will he actually get me out of this nightmare...I will answer, I'd walk thru hell, fire, and brimestone even on a dare
You may ask, am I worthy of all of his love...I will answer, I would never cage this beautiful dove

You may ask, am I worthy of all of his light...I will answer, you will have confirmation on that night
You may ask, am I just bringing him more pain...I will answer, I can shine even in the darkest of rain

You may ask, am I doing more harm than good....I will answer, I'm not the one hiding behind fake masks or even a hood
You may ask, am I doomed or forever living with curses...I will answer, don't you feel my love and light in all of my verses

by Dave Shemeley

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