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You May Be Right Of Centre

You've often heard it said before each to their point of view
And what is true to one person to another doesn't seem true
But if your point of view is not discriminatory though in some things we do not agree
Then I will listen to your truth and that's okay with me.

Your views may be right of centre but if you condemn the right wing Government who seek an economic cure
By cutting back on social services to the already disadvantaged poor
Then I will listen to your opinions though you seem far more to the right than I
For at least the rights of others you do not seek to deny.

I am far left of centre and you are leaning towards the right
But you seem a good person and in your soul there's much light
You do not condemn the battlers each to their own you say
And in that one I am with you with you all of the way.

You may be right of centre yet compassion for the less well off you show
And I can only nod in agreement when you say for all a fair go
And though we may not agree on many things there is much to like about you
And I will always listen to your honest point of view.

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